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We believe in clean labels

Our deli style sausage treats are made with the ingredients that dogs love, without the additives that are not healthy for your furry friends.

Made simply with handful of all natural, real-food ingredients, packed with protein and nutrients.


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We at Nature’s Pet Club understand that there are other brands offering CBD or Hemp based products, but our low dose, Full spectrum, Hemp oil Mini-Bites are not to replace any other product, it’s a stand alone treat with a low dosage of Cannabidiol and terpenes, only .5 milligrams of CBD per treat, Which is intended for micro-dosing. The pet parent may feed our treats as a reward treat continuously throughout the day to keep a consistent level of CBD in the pets system, without spiking the doses up with 3,5, or 7 milligrams as other CBD treats offer. Nature’s Pet Clubs full spectrum hemp oil Mini Bites can also be used with other hemp oil based products to continuously keep a level CBD throughout the day. Use our treats when traveling, training, when you’re around loud events or any activity you need to keep your pet calm and happy. 

In addition to being a low dose Hemp oil infused, natural, meat based reward treat, our cooking process is very unique and it insures for all the nutrients and Cannabidoil doses are not altered by heat. CBD and THC potency may fluctuate if you heat up the products over 180 degrees in Fahrenheit, but Nature’s Pet Clubs Hemp oil mini bite treats are naturally cooked up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bacteria, and then we reduce the temperatures down to a lower setting and smoke it for a long period of time. 

After that, we finish up the drying process in a high velocity air room which helps remove the moisture and make the product shelf stable. We do not freeze dry, or heat dry our product to protect the nutrients and the levels of Terpenes and CBD.

This process insures the quality and the uniqueness of our natural deli style sausage treats. 

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