About us


Nature’s Pet Club was born from the love of two rescued collies named Kiki and Shasta. Soon after rescuing the collies, cofounder Chuck Lehman, noticed that Shasta was struggling with his food and had difficulty digesting. A visit to the vet confirmed that Shasta had digestive issues and was also gluten intolerant.


Luckily, Kiki had none of the same health concerns; however, she showed little interest in food and was very picky about what she would eat. Chuck struggled to find a nutritious and natural solution that would make both of his little loves happy. Chuck, a lifelong chef, turned to his to Wife, a registered dietitian, to help come up with a solution that would work for Shasta’s allergies and yet still be appetizing enough for Kiki’s palate.


Chuck partnered with cofounders, Roger Glade and Arthur Kirakosyan, to start R&D. The team’s collective passion for their fury friends gave birth to Nature’s Pet Club’s first product, Doggy Dawgs.